• Sashi Bhushan Pramanik

Certified Organic Farmer

Sashi grew up in a family where they used to earn their livelihood through peasantry. He started on the same path but used chemical fertilisers and pesticides to earn more money. Good days did not last long. Gradually productivity of his land began to decline. As a result, he gave up farming and left home to work as a migrant worker in different cities. When MUKTI later came into the scenario, his life changed for good. He received training in biotechnology and started organic farming. At present, he leads a comfortable life by relying completely on agriculture. He now cultivates all his lands in an organic way by using home-made organic fertilisers and pesticides. He has also received PGS organic certification. Now he is a known face in his area for his organic farming. Sashi learned the importance of organic farming and a sustainable way of living. It is high time we all do so!