• Sarama Purkait

Certified Organic Farmer

Sarama Purkayet and her husband, Pintu Purkayet, are farmers in Paschim Jata, South 24 Parganas. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides had turned their agricultural lands into an almost infertile state. This is when they chose organic farming methods. Now they make all their fertilizers and pesticides at home, using organic elements. In their 1.5 acres of agricultural land, the couple undertake mixed cropping agriculture to cultivate different kinds of vegetables. Also, they use a glasshouse to cultivate out-of-season vegetables. Their family’s expenses are borne by the selling of these produces, and their endeavour and active participation motivates other farmers to take up organic farming. For their decision to take up modern and more efficient methods of good-quality agricultural production, they have also received the Krishak Ratna from the Government of West Bengal.